Britton Jones is a Project Manager at Coen + Partners.  He is a Professional Landscape Architect with more than 10 years of experience and received his Master of Landscape Architecture from Auburn University.  Prior to joining Coen + Partners, Britton worked at OLIN's Philadelphia office and at Gulf Coast Community Design Studio in Biloxi, MS where he worked on multiple award winning projects with state and national recognition.  His work experience and expertise are wide-ranging; he has designed small and meticulously detailed urban spaces and sculpture gardens, lead design teams and community partners in urban planning projects, and completed design-build urban wetland restoration projects.


Given Britton's diverse experience, he is interested in design projects that successfully merge ecologic, social, and economic systems to create resilient strategies at varying scales of need.  Britton has presented at multiple local, regional, and national conferences and universities on resilient community design.


Britton is a registered Landscape Architect.